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Gotta have one of these things. It's a lifeasver. In China, it is a necessity. Oh, yeah, because you never know what the AQI is going to be. You need one of these things. Especially in Beijing, I mean, come on, look at the sky!... I guess it's nice today.


One of the cost is, somewhat the worst air quality in the world. That air pollution is at alarmig level which closes schools and airports. Most people are not outdoors and if they are, many of them are wearing masks.

(影片在这里回放了一串国外媒体过往的报道)“中国经济快速发展的代价之一, 便是mg电子游戏平台最严重的空气污染。” “空气污染已经到了警戒级别,学校因此听课、机场关闭。” “(空污严重时)很多人都不出门,如果出门,也都会戴上口罩。”

Over the past four decades, China's economy has maintained rapid growth and drawn worldwide attention with its achievements. However, the pollution that comes with it, particularly that of the air, has also attracted global attention. Smog was once even a synonym of CHina.


What do you think about the air quality in China?


Of course, the pollution is all over in the world.


London might be a little bit better, but we still have the same issues.


Sometimes it's quite harsh, but most of the time it's all right.


The overall trend is usually getting better, at least in Beijing.


Even though like ti's been getting better, like for me, it's really not good, like I'm not used to it, because you can really smell the pollution too.


Overall, it's getting better, but it still has a long way to go.


Gwen Ruta, Executive Director, Global Operations Environmental Defense Fund
I remember before the first time that I came (to China), everyone said to me, becareful of the air. I didn't really know what to expect.


He Kebin, Dean of School of Environment, Tsinghua University Academician of China Engineering Academy
In my impression, it (the smog) continues for almost one week, or even longer. And also, the area is not (only in) Beijing, is not (just in) Hebei, is also including Shanxi, Shandong and Henan provinces. So, it (covers a ) large area and (lasts for a) long time.



The Great London Smog at the end of the last century and early into this century, in Los Angeles the smog starting in the forties, really lasted for several decades around them.
We have similarities with London because of coal. We have similarities with Los Angeles because of the vehicle. But in total, what we have, I think is more complex and more difficult to handle.

贺克斌:“我们和伦敦雾霾的相似之处是煤炭消费量大,和洛杉矶雾霾的相似之处是汽车保有量大。但总体而言, 我认为我们的情况更复杂。”


If you look at the history of Los Angeles, London, it was more than fifty years. But today we should not use fifty years or sisty years, because you have more historical experience. China has learned a lot from U.S. and Europe. In 2012, China just issued the new air quality standards. That was the first time we put the PM2.5 in national air quality standard. And then the following, the action plan, in 2013. You need the supporting to legislation, the standards and regulation.


1970年到2016年,美国大气污染物排放量变化情况。数据来源:英国环境-食品及农村事务部(UK DEFRA)、美国环保署(USEPA)